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A boy becomes mesmerised by a glimmer of the peculiar on the edge of his town. He is fascinated by its white

long arms, its chosen place of solitude, its beautifully persistent rotations, its monstrous scale and its unnerving

presence. It is overwhelming and flawless.




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'So Perfect It Frightens Me'

5 mins    |    2020


With the support of

BBC New Creatives North, commissioned by Tynside Cinema, Newcastle.


Co-funded by

Arts Council England

BBC Arts

Written & directed by

Alice Cornelia

Executive Producer 

Ian Fenton



Barrington Robinson

Director Of Photography

Esther Vardy


Michael Davies

Jane Cornelia

An intimate insight into a young boy’s grapple with his mental health as his obsession with a wind turbine takes us on an evocative and surreal visual experience.

The film is a child-like processing of the world. It explores the intense nature of childhood obsessions and where they can transcend us. Through peculiar child landscapes, a young boy experiences a wrestle with anxious feelings, intensified by an obsession with a wind turbine that becomes a haunting metaphor for his psychological state.

The wind turbine plays a troubling power play role representing an amalgamation of fear and control. There is a captivating aura yet the hold it has on the young boy intensifies as the film progresses. A space is created for a disconnected young person to move through emotionally, and for us to endure it with him. A recurrence of visual motifs creates a cyclical quality. There are trails of thought or reality, of processing sounds, marks, and touch.

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Curzon, Soho London. NEW SHORTS: A Rural Gothic, London Short Film Festival 2021.


Adjacent to Govanhill Picture House, Local Shorts organised by GAMIS and Glasgow Zine Library. Govanhill International Festival 2021.

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